EU citizens’ rights and Brexit

Can I still do an internship in the UK because of Brexit?

The Answer Is Yes.

As far as we have been told so far, there is no change for this year 2020 which means that EU citizens can still come to the UK and do internships with no problems.

EU citizens can still get a National Insurance Number for working here in the UK. If you have health insurance in your home country, then, as long as you bring your European Health Card (which is the same as your normal German health insurance card) with you, you will be fully covered in the UK. This internship is not an offer for a full time job in the UK.

Until the UK government gives us any more details in the next few months, this is our view on this subject, but we will update the site once we have any further information.

For more information click here to look at the European Union website:

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