We are always looking for enthusiastic and motivated employees. The minimum stay is 3 months plus , but we prefer applicants who want to stay longer than 4 months.

Application Process

1. For legal reasons, you must have a European passport to work with us.

2. You must be at least 18 years old to work with us.

3. To apply, please send us your CV, a cover letter with full address, phone number and photo.

4. Since this is not a career job but an internship, we prefer young people who have just left school or are studying. Work experience in the hotel is not a requirement, but professional experience of any kind is an advantage.

5. While working here you can apply for a National Insurance Number which can take up to 2 months to receive.

6. Being a European citizen you are entitled to free health care with your European Health Insurance Card.

What we expect from you:

Working in a hotel can sometimes be very stressful and stressful, you should prepare yourself before you leave. The work is easy to learn but physically exhausting.

A sense of responsibility, flexibility, pride in your own work and the ability to work in a team are basic requirements for this job. The ability to compromise is also important as employees are not only working together but also living together.

Applicants who are interested in the job should by no means be afraid of cleaning, cooking and customer service!!!! If you are more interested in an internship only in the office or only in the reception area, then the offered position in the Denewood Hotel is unfortunately not the right choice for you.

Important Information:

We ask all candidates to arrive in England unaccompanied. This does not mean that visitors are not welcome here – quite the contrary, we always to see family and friends. It is however very important to us that new staff settle into the hotel as quickly as possible and integrate into the team. Unfortunately, we have found that girls accompanied by parents, relatives or friends find it harder to get started and join the team than those who arrive alone.

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